Beaudesert Park Farm - Where does food come from?

On Wednesday 27th September 2023, 5B had the opportunity to experience what life is like on a farm. While they were there they had the chance to see where flour comes from, holding the wheat, taking the seeds out and grinding them to make their own. They went around the farm and met chickens which they had the chance to stroke (Mr Bond faced his fears and held one) and find out about their eggs. These were new things that none of the children had previously experienced. In the kitchen, the children prepared lunch for themselves and the teachers - a delicious veggie burger with sweet potatoes and a summer fruit salad. The children thoroughly enjoyed all aspects of the farm and learnt skills for food preparation. 

Spanish Day Activities - Nursery

The nursery joined in with 'Spanish Day' celebrations with the rest of the school.

The children used hand eye coordination skills to create Spanish flags. They used scissors for cutting and pencils for mark making. The children created the flags by using different types of paper to collage. They used tissue, crepe and sticky paper. We dressed up and we danced to Spanish music! 

Reception Class Learning September/October

Since beginning our journey in Reception we have shared lots of lovely books, including; ‘Giraffes can’t Dance’, ‘A very strange creature’ and ‘The Tiger who came for tea’. Through these stories we have learned about jungle animals, what makes them unique and special and some interesting facts like; Giraffes have a black tongue to stop them burning in the sun.

After thinking about how the animals are unique we began to think about ourselves.  We looked at our baby photos and talked about how we have changed. The children then used mirrors to look at their features and painted their self-portraits.

After reading ‘The Tiger who came to tea’ we had the real life experience of making our own sandwiches. We learned the skills of spreading and cutting the ingredients and then very much enjoyed eating what we had created. We also made cups of tea, coffee and chocolate.

We have begun our Phonics sessions. The children are trying very hard to remember the phonemes and graphemes that they have been taught. They are practicing to write their graphemes using the formation phrases and are beginning to orally blend. 

During our maths sessions we have been learning about matching the same objects together, sorting in different ways, big and small, light and heavy. 

Look at us learning.....

Jr PCSO's and the Emergency Service day at West Bromwich Fire Station September 2023

Last week our Jr PCSO's attended West Bromwich Fire Station with three other schools to spend the day with our emergencies. We had such a great day. The children learnt about:

Fighting fires
Car crash rescue
Gangs, Youth violence
Fast Armed police
Sniffer dogs
Crime scenes
Police constables

we had such an amazing day, the children came back with lots of knowledge and gifts.

Thank you to our Early Help Police Officer, PC Begum for organising the day. It was such a wonderful day

Year 2 Spanish Day

This afternoon in Year 2,  we began by looking at the country of Spain and its culture. We then learnt Spanish greetings and sang a song to help us remember them.

For the second part of the afternoon, we learnt how to say ‘my name is’ in Spanish. We then moved around the classroom practising our new Spanish phrases.

To end the afternoon we learnt another song combining all of our new knowledge and finished off the day with the Spanish dance Macarena.


Our first few weeks of settling in, exploring, investigating and having fun in the nursery!