Nursery Weekly Learning - 24.04.23

This week after reading the story 'Jasper's Beanstalk', we learned how to plant a bean so we could grow our own beanstalk!

We used paper cups, paper towels and water. We learned some new words such as 'bean' and 'beanstalk'. 

We will observe the beans and water them regularly to see how they are growing.

We drew pictures of beanstalks using coloured pencils and crayons to show what the beanstalk would look like when our beans have grown. 

We also looked at pictures of beanstalks in our story 'Jasper's Beanstalk' and we read the story 'Jack and the Beanstalk'. 

Reception Class Weekly Learning - 24.04.23

This week we were very excited to receive a letter from Jim the Giant. He explained that since the beanstalk was chopped down he has had no visitors and feels really lonely. He said he was sorry for being so loud and scary and asked us if we would please plant a new beanstalk. 

We decided that as he had said sorry, we would plant a new beanstalk. We learned how to plant a bean using a pot, soil, bean and water.  We learned new words related to growing like 'seedling' and 'shoot'. 

We created a castle in the clouds using card and cotton wool and put it on the end of a stick so that when our beanstalks begin to grow, they can grow up to the castle. 


The giant wanted to grow a beanstalk as well, but he didn't have any soil.  He asked for our help to find out what he could use instead.  We set up an experiment with cress seeds and a bean using cotton wool, soil and a paper towel.  We watered the seeds and bean and have been watching them closely.  The cress seeds planted on the cotton wool and soil have both begun to grow.  We can see the seedlings using the magnifying glasses. We are still waiting to see a shoot from the bean.

During phonics this week we have continued to read and write words with four phonemes.  There are even more tricky words for us to learn and we are trying our best to remember them. 

This week we have used our phonic knowledge to write instructions for planting a bean and a letter to the giant explaining that we had planted our beans and hoped that they grew soon. During both activities we used our phonic knowledge to segment the words and write the phonemes that we could hear. 

The children are trying very hard to write their sentences independently. We are very proud of them.

Our maths focus this week has been practicing counting forwards to 20 and back down to 1 and putting the numerals 1 - 20 in the correct order.  We have continued to practice making numbers bigger than 10 on our tens frames. 

We have used the cubes to make beanstalks that are taller than us and Mrs Johnson. 

Reception LOTC - 27.04.23

This week we have been planting lots of seeds in our paddock to encourage insects to come and visit our garden. 

We have been watering the potatoes and lettuces, making sure that they are growing well.


During our forest school session we used the sticks, branches, logs and leaves that we found on the forest floor to create our own beanstalk in the outdoor classroom.  We then pretended to climb up it to meet the Giant at the top.

Nursery Weekly Learning - 17.04.23

Our learning this week has been based around the story, 'A seed in need'. The children planted seeds and talked about roots, stems and petals and how seeds grow. 

The children created their own flowers using tissue paper and painted flowers independently using a selection of pencils and crayons.


This week we talked about Eid celebrations. Eid is a festival which Muslim families all over the world celebrate.

The children made Eid cards, they enjoyed using sparkly sequins and gems to create their cards. 

Blue Peter Music Badge Awards

We have two incredible Musicians in Year 6 who have been awarded with Blue Peter Music badges. The badges are designed by the one and only music-sensation Ed Sheeran and are a special award given in recognition of musical achievement. It allows them free entry into over 200 Blue Peter Badge attractions around the country, including theme parks, zoos, museums and castles.


Keeyan- Awarded for his love for Music and performing in a choir with Young Voices.

KieranAwarded for his interest in Music and rocking out on the guitar as part of Rocksteady!


It is great to see they have been recognised for their passion for music and we hope they enjoy all the fun their badges bring!

Reception Class Weekly Learning - 17.04.23

Our learning this week has been based around the story 'Jack and the Beanstalk'. We have been making puppets to act out the story, using different resources to build castles, creating beanstalks using paint and scrunched up tissue paper and using storybook language to help us to retell the story using story maps and pictures from the book. We have enjoyed using 'big' voices when taking on the role of the giant and have learned lots of new words.

In phonics we are progressing on to reading and writing words with four phonemes (sounds), for example; pond, lift and thump.  The children have been trying really hard to segment these words before writing them.  They have also been reading sentences containing these words and lots of our tricky words.

Our writing this week has been based upon our book.  The children are beginning to compose the sentence that they want to write, remember it and segment each word to complete their sentence. We are really proud of their work.   

Our maths focus this week has been making numbers bigger than 10.  The children now have 2 ten frames and have very quickly learnt to count on from 10.  So when making the number 13, they count 10, 11, 12, 13. 

This week we have learnt about the festival of Eid. Eid is a religious festival which Muslim families all over the world celebrate. It marks the end of the holy month of Ramadan. After 30 days of fasting, Eid is the first day after that month when Muslims do not fast and enjoy their day fully.

The children have made Eid cards, learned about how Muslims celebrate on this day, looked at pictures of Mosques and the symbols of the crescent and star.


Rocksteady Spring Concert!

We are proud of our Rocksteady Rockstars who performed in a concert to pupils, teachers and parents. It is great to see the musical progress they have made.

We watched performances on guitars, drums, vocals and keyboard. Red Dragons performed Buck Rodgers by Feeder, Orange Sunset performed Enter Sandman by Metallica, Blue Tigers performed Another One Bites The Dust by Queen and Toasted Bread performed A Sky Full of Stars by Coldplay.

After watching these awesome performances, we have even more eager children who want to learn how to play an instrument with Rocksteady!



Reception LOTC

In Autumn 2 we planted winter lettuce seeds, unfortunately they didn't grow. The children suggested; "We didn't water the seeds", "Not enough sun".  So we are retrying this term.  We will be watching their progress along with the potatoes. 

Times Table Rock Stars Easter Champions

Well done to everyone from Year 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 who took part in the Easter Times Table Rock star tournaments. We had some very impressive scores and totals and I know the children had so much fun competing for the Easter prizes.........Here are the all the winners:

2B = Alexander and Imogen

2N = Iqram, Aliza and Szymon

3H - Tavroop, Prayash and Manraj

3W = Millipreet and Jessica

4K = Jasmeen, Kyran and Freddie

4P = Varsha, Princedeep and Anupreet

5B = Sukhjot, Prabhjot and Jesse

5D = Aaryan, Prabhjot and Gursajan

5EH = Amelia, Beman and Nathan 

6S = Dilraj, Dilnoor, Guraaj

6W = Kaiden, Kyran and Harry 

Reception Class Weekly Learning - 27.03.23

This week we have been learning about the celebration of Easter. This is a Christian bible story about when Jesus died on the cross and rose again on Easter Sunday.
The children have taken part in different activities, including acting out the story, making an Easter garden, making Easter cards, tasting hot cross buns and visiting a local church.


We created our own nests using chocolate and cereal. We talked about how we needed to change the chocolate from a solid block into a liquid so that we could pour it over the cereal and mix it together. After many suggestions we decided the best way to melt the chocolate was by putting it over a hot bowl of water or in the microwave.
We then enjoyed making our nests and added some chocolate eggs.

In phonics this week we have continued to practice reading longer words, words that end in 'ing', 'es' and 's'.
We are trying very hard to hold a sentence in our heads and write it independently.

In maths this week we have been learning about the 3 dimensional shapes; cone, pyramid, cylinder, cube, cuboid and sphere.
We have talked about the properties and thought about what shapes we could see within the 3D shapes. We also considered which shapes were best for building and which ones rolled.
We found 3D shapes in everyday objects.

We have been practicing making 10 in different ways on our ten frames.

We have continued to visit and watch the chicks grow over the last week. Now that they are bigger, we were able to hold them. 

The Easter bonnets that we made with our special adults last week, were worn this week when we put on a special assembly for our family members.  We sang three songs about chicks and retold the story of the 'Six Little Chicks'.

Reception Spontaneous walk to the local church - March 2023

To link in with our learning about the Easter story, the Reception children walked to the local church, the Good Shepherd.  As we walked we looked for signs of Spring, spotting new buds and leaves on the trees and lots of Daffodils.  When we got to the church we looked at the crosses, which reminded us of how Jesus died on the cross. We also saw some stained glass windows.  When we went inside we saw the Bible at the front of the church, a picture showing Jesus sharing the last supper with his disciples and more crosses.