Safeguarding & Child Protection Overview

A Guide to Good Practice (consistent with procedures followed by Sandwell Children’s Trust)

Child abuse can take place in families irrespective of class, culture, race, and religion or income group. Abusers may be strangers but they are more likely to be trusted people close to the child, including carers, other professionals, relatives or friends as well as parents.

It is because of this that all staff at Lyng Primary need to have a clear understanding of what to do if they think a child might be abused or neglected and what happens if a parent is suspected of abusing a child.

Before staff report any suspected abuse, parents will normally be contacted beforehand to share our intention to report the

concerns. However, this contact with parents is not always appropriate. For example, if the child may be placed at an increased risk of significant harm, then the call will not take place. Staff in school will always follow the direction and advice of Sandwell Children’s Trust when making a decision to contact parents.

If we think that a child in our care might have been neglected or abused, we have a duty to report it to The Multi Agency Safeguarding Hub (MASH). Once reported, agencies based at the MASH will securely collate information from all available sources to make an informed decision concerning any required intervention.

Our Safeguarding Team

Key personnel:
Mrs S Wellings - DSL / Safeguarding Officer
Miss L Beresford - Deputy DSL
Mrs F Langford - Deputy DSL

Other significant members of our team:
Mr A Fowler- Head Teacher
Mr P Staniland - Deputy Headteacher
Mrs L Howard - Safeguarding Governor / Chair of Governors
Mr T Boughey - Learning Mentor
Mrs R Parveen - (HLTA)

SAFEGUARDING MOBILE No. - 07497 135616

Safeguarding & Child Protection Policies


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