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COVID-19 UPDATE - 26/05/2020


Dear Parent/carers,


Following the government announcements schools will reopen on 1st June 2020 for years Reception, Year 1 and 6.

We will be offering a prepared sandwich meal for free school meal/universal children until the start of the autumn term. These meals will be delivered to school from SIPS catering who supply our meals.

This will consist of sandwich, crisps, yoghurts and fruit.

If you your child is not on free school meals/universal and you would like your child to have a prepared sandwich meal from school, please order and pay via schoolcomms on the days your child is in school.


If you would like your child to receive a packed lunch rest assured these will be given out in a safe and practical way.

We understand this is a difficult time for everyone but if you feel happier and safer sending in your own packed lunch for your child please by all means do so.


Stay safe!


Yours sincerely,

Miss Jacobsen

School Secretary


COVID-19 UPDATE - 24/05/2020

Dear Parents/Carers,


As I’m sure you are already aware, the government has asked Primary schools to begin the phased opening to children in Early Years, Year 1 and Year 6 on 1st June. Thank you to those of you who have requested a school place. To those parents who haven’t yet decided we will need to put a deadline on a decision as Wednesday 27th May. The Local Authority has informed schools that any parent requesting a school place beyond that date, will have to give 7 days’ notice. For those children not returning to school, home learning packs and online resources will continue to be provided.


Since the announcement, we have been working to ensure that measures are in place to implement the government and Local Authority guidance within the confines of the school environment, and taking into account the ages of the children.


To maintain social distancing your child will be in a group known as a ‘bubble’ of no more than 10 children, with 2 members of staff. Due to the limitations on group sizes, unfortunately it will not be possible for all children to work with their class teachers or to always be within their usual friendship groups. It will also not be possible to have all the children in school at the same time so there will be a restriction on which days your child can attend school.


Therefore, the following measures have been taken. It is really important that you take time to read them to ensure the safety of your child, yourselves and the staff in school:


  • Year 1 and Year 6 children will return on Mondays and Tuesdays (commencing 1st & 2nd June next week).
  • Nursery and Reception children will return on Wednesdays and Thursdays (commencing 3rd & 4th June next week).
  • Key worker children will continue to be in school every day of the week.


  • Your child will be in a small group of children (a bubble) with a maximum of 10 per group.
  • The bubbles of children will be allocated 2 staff members that they will be working with consistently. You will receive details of your child’s bubble separately.
  • Bubbles of children and staff will not be allowed to mix at any part of the day to prevent the spread of any possible infection across groups.


  • Drop off and pick up times will be staggered to ensure that large groups do not congregate. Please do not arrive early or late. If you are late on any one day, your child may be unable to attend school on that day. Failure to adhere to these times on numerous occasions, may result in your child’s place in school being withdrawn:


Key worker / vulnerable children: 8.45am start and 2.30pm finish.

Y1 children: 9.00am start and 2.45pm finish.

Y6 children: 9.15am start and 3.00pm finish.

Nursery & Reception children: 9.00am start and 2.45pm finish.


  • You will receive details of your child’s drop off and collection area separately.
  • Parents must leave the school premises as soon as your child is dropped off or picked up.
  • Parents are to always maintain a 2m distance between other families.
  • Only one adult is permitted to drop off and pick up your child.
  • As per guidance, parents are not permitted to enter the school building unless there is an urgent, prearranged need. If you wish to speak to a member of staff, please telephone the school. A member of the office team will be available to take phone calls.


  • Break times and lunch times will be staggered for different bubbles.
  • There will be restrictions on the types of equipment children can use and the games they can play, following hygiene and social distancing guidance.
  • Children will eat lunch in their classrooms. There will not be any hot lunch provision on site, only packed lunches. Details of arrangements, parent pay and Free School Meal entitlement will follow separately.
  • Children should bring a named water bottle each day that returns home each day to be thoroughly washed. We are unable to fill water bottles so children may wish to bring more than one.
  • Where possible, the use of toilet facilities will be restricted to avoid children using the toilet at the same time


  • Every classroom will be organised to try to ensure children are kept socially distanced.
  • Learning activities will be carefully planned to allow for this both inside your child’s classroom and outside.
  • Children will be given their own stationery, and resources and classroom equipment will be cleaned by staff during the day and again thoroughly at the end of the day by the cleaning team.
  • Strict hygiene measures will be adhered to throughout the day, including regular hand washing/sanitising.


  • Your child does not need to wear school uniform.
  • Children should wear sensible, comfortable clothing and footwear.
  • As per guidance, children should change into different clothing when they arrive home and what they have been wearing at school, should be washed straight away. This is to avoid cross contamination between school and home.


All of the above measures are being taken to ensure the safest possible environment for your child. We will of course work very hard to continue to provide a happy, comforting and secure environment to limit any anxiety and fears you or your child may be having. To help us do that we would really appreciate it if you were able to explain to your child that school will be running differently and things that they take for granted, like sitting/learning alongside each other will not be happening.


Thank you for your cooperation, understanding and support at this time. If you do have any questions or concerns please can I ask that you try and contact your child’s class teacher via ClassDojo in the first instance.


Please take very good care and stay safe.


Yours sincerely,


Andrew Fowler




COVID-19 UPDATE - 18/05/2020
Dear Parents and Carers,
Starting the Phased Re-opening of Schools you will be aware from the news that the Government has announced the phased reopening for schools from 1 June 2020. In Sandwell, we have been looking at how this will be achieved and have worked with our schools and academies to agree a common approach. Schools have reviewed the requirements for social distancing, hygiene and cleaning required daily as well as organisational changes they may need to make to the school day to open.
June 1st is the start of a process for reopening and, initially, not all children will be able to start on a full-time basis. The number of children in a school at any one time will be dictated by the size of the classrooms and the availability of staff. To maintain social distancing normal sized classrooms can only hold 6 - 10 pupils at a time. If your child is in Secondary school then the Government has requested that only those in Year 10 and Year 12 are invited individually or in small groups to begin face to face meetings with staff to assist them with their learning. Each school or academy will devise a rota for children to attend and will contact you to tell you when this will be. In the main, all children will continue to do most of their work from home.
Primary schools have been asked by Government to open to a number of year groups, Nursery, Reception, Year 1 and Year 6. However, due to the space available in each Primary school, it is not possible to accommodate all children from these year groups at the same time. Therefore, Primary schools will prioritise pupils in the following order:
• Vulnerable children
• Key Worker Children
• Reception
• Year 1
• Year 6
• Nursery
Primary schools will inform you of the arrangements they are making and will let you know which days your children can attend school from 1st June. Children in Years 2, 3, 4 and 5 will need to continue to remain at home until Government guidance changes.
Whilst the Government is encouraging families to take up the places offered by schools you can choose to keep your children at home and will not be penalised for doing so at this time. Schools will make every effort to keep children in a safe environment, following Government guidance; however, I need to be clear that schools cannot guarantee there will be no transmission of the COVID-19 virus.
We have included a frequently asked questions sheet with this letter to help you understand the position from 1 June. Schools will contact you shortly to inform you of their individual arrangements.
Yours sincerely,
Chris Ward
Director of Education, Skills and Employment
Which years groups can start to return to school from 1 June 2020?
The Government has asked that schools start the phased return of Y12, Y10, Y6, Y1, Reception and Nursery children. Schools will manage this gradually and not all children will be in school full time as they are limited by space and staffing availability. Schools will write to parents to let them know what the arrangements are.
What about Key Worker children and vulnerable children?
Schools will continue to prioritise these children ahead of all others. This may limit the spaces available to children in some year groups.
Which additional children will be prioritised first?
Secondary schools will manage a timetabled rota for Year 10 and Year 12 pupils to attend. Primary schools will prioritise children in this order:-
• Vulnerable children
• Key Worker Children
• Reception
• Year 1
• Year 6
• Nursery
Will my child be in school full time?
Key Worker children and vulnerable children will continue to be offered full time places in both Primary and Secondary schools. All other year groups will be on a phased return. In many Primary schools this is unlikely to be a full-time place due to space and staffing availability and schools will offer places for priority year groups first. Schools may have to operate a rota system for children to accommodate them across the course of a school week.
What happens if I do not want to take up the school place?
Your school will write out to you to ask you if you would like to take a school place from 1 June. You do not have to accept the place. If you do not accept the place it will be offered to a pupil in another priority year group. If you change your mind then you must give your school at least one week’s notice as they may have to make staffing changes to accommodate extra children.
Will I get fined for not sending my child to school?
You do not have to send your child to school during this pandemic. There are no plans to fine parents of children who do not attend at the present time.
How will schools keep children safe?
Schools are following National Guidance produced by the Department for Education and Public Health England. They will operate social distancing (where possible), keep children in small groups throughout the day, increase cleaning schedules and ask children to follow more stringent hygiene routines. Schools may also stagger the start and finish of the school day to reduce the number of adults arriving and departing at the same time.
Is it possible to manage the youngest children to follow social distancing rules?
The Government accepts this is very difficult. Young children naturally want to play and work together. Initially, and for as long as is necessary, children will only be able to interact with a small group of other children. Schools will do their best given the space and resources they have available to manage children.
What happens if my child has special needs?
Schools will have completed an individual risk assessment for each child. This will be used to make a decision on whether it is safe for your child to return to school or whether they will be safer at home. Schools will talk with you directly to discuss your child’s needs.
Will teachers and staff have to use PPE?
If social distancing can be managed then staff will not generally use PPE. If a child becomes unwell and is displaying symptoms of COVID-19, staff will have to isolate that child from others and use PPE to protect themselves. In some circumstances, for example where a child needs personal care or has specific additional needs, staff may use PPE whilst they support a child.
My child is worried about coming back to school, how can I help them?
Talk to your child in a positive way about school, seeing friends and teachers again. Help them understand how social distancing works and make sure that they can wash their hands properly by themselves.
Will schools be teaching the National Curriculum when children return?
No. Schools will initially focus on ensuring children feel safe and anxiety free. They will deliver a curriculum designed to support children back into school routines and classroom learning. Teachers will use this time to work out what learning support children need and how they can support them further.
Will schools continue to set work or activities for children at home?
Schools will continue to provide some remote learning or activities for children to do at home. This will vary from school to school depending on whether they operate, for example, an online learning platform or have a website with suggested learning activities.


A very warm welcome to all website users!

At Lyng Primary School our vision is to provide a nurturing, happy and safe environment. Surrounded by caring adults children will be provided with opportunities to become the best that they can be. We will strive to ensure that every child leaves Lyng Primary feeling confident, self-motivated and independent so that they are ready for the next stage in their lives.

Both in and outside the classroom a Lyng child should:

- Be engaged, excited and inspired & love to learn

- Be challenged

- Learn to use their imagination and develop curiosity

- Learn to take risks, try new experiences & not give up

- Learn to work alongside each other

- Celebrate their uniqueness and embrace each other's differences

- Not be afraid to make mistakes

- Be successful

- Achieve

- Have fun!  

On behalf of the governors and staff we look forward to working in partnership with yourselves and your children to ensure they reach their full potential.


Mr A.Fowler




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