September to December 2023

Attendance Matters

95%  =


8 days in total or 1 week and 3 days

90%  =


16 days in total or 3 week and 1 days

85%  =


24 days in total or 4 week and 4 days

80%  =


32 days in total or 6 week and 2 days


Reporting Your Child’s Absence

If your child is going to be absent from school, contact must be made first thing that morning and
each day thereafter. Contact should be made by calling our school office on 0121 553 1480

Dear Families, What a great Autumn term it’s been! Our whole school community  has been working together on attendance targets and for most weeks we have been hitting above 95%. This is above national average. A BIG well done to you all! We are so looking forward to continuing on our positive attendance journey into this term.

Autumn/Winter Term  is a tough term with al the illness around. We would like to thank you all for following procedures and calling into the school office to report your child’s absence


100% attendance September to December 2023

There have been a total of 125 children who have won Bronze awards for 100% attendance. A massive well done to you all! Badges will be awarded to all of those children.

The children who had 98%+ attendance were able to see the reptiles and animals on the 10th January 2024. Well done all!

Great news we have re booked him for Spring term 2024

School Data for September-December 2023


Any Other information


This is a really good way to communicate with staff in school and find out all school updates and information. If you are having issues downloading this onto your phone/tablet please, speak to your child’s class teacher

New School Website Link

Attendance policy link

Holidays During Term Time

Holidays requested during term time cannot be authorised and therefore a fine will be issued to you by Sandwell Attendance and Prosecution.


We appreciate the efforts that our parents and carers make in order to get their children into school on time. Poor punctuality can affect learning and behaviour. The start of the day is when the teacher informs the class of what the day ahead will look like. Learning begins from the moment they enter the classroom. It is not only the pupil who is late that is affected. It has an impact on all other learners if a child walks in late, as the teacher is then required to recap on missing learning for that child. This reduces learning time for the rest of the class. It is important now more than ever to get your child into school on time.

Thank you