Spring Term Learning

Personal Social Development

We will continue to help the children to settle into their daily routines and to help them learn to play with other children and teachers in their class.  All children will learn to dress independently to put on their own coat, paint apron and wellies. Also we will help children recognise how we can make healthy and happy choices.


Communication & Language

Conversations will be central to our school day!

Through playing and learning children will learn many new words and they will be encouraged to speak in sentences.

We will help the children to concentrate for longer periods through self-chosen learning, playing games, singing and story.


Physical Development

The children will be developing ‘strong’ bodies as play outdoors every day.  They will be able to climb, balance, run, jump and ride bikes and scooters.

 The children will also be developing strong hands and fingers by using lots of equipment to thread and twist.

There are so many tools that the children will learn to handle with control such as: paintbrushes, scissors, glue sticks, pens and pencils.


Understanding the World

Playing outdoors daily and going for a walk through the forest every week will help children to feel the weather and notice what is in the world around them. We will choose appropriate clothing to wear that will protect us from the daily weather such as rain or cold.

We will help children to respond to questions about ‘what’ they are doing, and what is happening. They will be using all of their senses to interact with different materials such as water, bubbles, dough and sand. Our weekly gardening will help the children to learn about some things that grow in the soil.

When the children play with toys such as the animals, dinosaurs, car garage and trains they will develop their vocabulary to talk about what is in our world now.


Creative Development

The children can make pictures every day using lots of different materials.

They will learn to use the paint station and begin exploring different ways of creating pictures.

The children will learn that they can draw pictures that represent things in our world. Through exploring round shapes, pointy shapes, long shapes and zigzags they will begin to do drawings with pens, pencils and paint.

The children can play in the home area and cook, take care of the babies and pets and dress up in costumes.

We will help the children to learn and sing a range of nursery rhymes and clap simple rhythmic patterns.



Daily stories and nursery rhymes will be listened to and conversations about stories will take place as children begin to listen for longer and talk about what they can see in the pictures. We will help them to use new and exciting words.

Children will learn to recognise their first name and be able to choose their name from a group.

We will listen to a story everyday in our small groups and begin to say which story is our favourite. Here are our focus stories.


Children will learn that numbers are all around us in our world. We will count our friends and count the boys and girls everyday. We learn to look carefully at objects and sort these into groups; matching colour and shape. The children will learn to recognise  and count the amounts  1, 2, and 3 through games and singing.



We love to hear what the children tell us about their family and what happens at home. If you are celebrating something special please let us know by sending a photo to dojo messages. This way we can print off the photo and talk about it in school.