Spring Term Learning

Personal Social Development

The children will learn that we do not all like the same things and that it is ok to be different.  We will learn words to describe ‘feelings’ and talk about how our feelings change.

We will help children to learn about things that they can do to keep their bodies healthy like: tooth brushing, bathing, washing hands, and using tissues for our noses.

In all of our learning we will help the children to ‘keep on trying’ even when new learning is tricky.


Communication & Language

Conversations will be central to the school day! Through playing and learning children will learn many new words and they will be encouraged to speak in meaningful sentences . Did you know the children will learn 5 new words everyday!


Physical Development

The children will be developing ‘strong’ bodies as play outdoors every day.  They will be able to climb, balance, run, jump and explore catching and throwing objects.

The children will be developing strong hands and fingers by using lots of equipment to thread, twist, fasten and manipulate.

There are so many tools that the children will learn to handle with control such as: paintbrushes, scissors, glue sticks, pens and pencils.


Understanding the World

Playing outdoors daily will help children to feel the weather and learn words to describe the Season of Winter.  We will choose appropriate clothing to wear that will protect us from the daily weather such as rain or cold.

We will help children to respond to questions about ‘what’ they are doing, ‘why’ something is happening or ‘how’ they can change something.  Our weekly gardening will support this.

When the children play imaginatively with toys such as the animals, dinosaurs, cars and trains they will develop their vocabulary, to talk about what is in our world now and what was in our world along time ago.

We will learn about our local area and how to stay safe through our offsite walks.

The books that we read will help us learn about the different animals in our world as well as learning

that our world has amazing places like the North Pole and the South Pole.


Creative Development

The children can make things every day using lots of different materials. They will continue to use our paint stations with independence and begin exploring different ways of creating pictures. They will also learn how to use and join different materials to make the picture or model of their choice.

We will help the children to talk about colour and to think about their colour choices. ‘What colours will we need to make a zebra?’ or ‘What colours will we need to show the colour of your skin?’  The children will learn about shape and learn how they can draw & make enclosed shapes with pens, pencils and paint to represent animals, vehicles, people, places or plants. The children will develop their imagination and story-telling as they dress up in costumes and pretend to take on the role of a doctor, a police officer, a princess, a dad or a superhero. 

The children will also learn about rhythm as they explore musical instruments and sound.



Little Wandle Phonics

In phonics the children will learn to read and recognise new ‘digraphs’ and ‘trigraphs’. Every day the children will practice their handwriting and will learn to spell and write words using these sounds. 

The children will all learn to read with increasing speed

and write simple sentences using their phonic knowledge.



Children will learn that numbers are all around us in our world. We will help children to recall numbers that total 5 and secure an understanding of ‘more’ and ‘less’. We will help children to explore the numbers 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10 through counting objects and looking at the patterns of these numbers on a tens frame.

We will continue to learn about shapes and find them in the world all around us.

In play we will use our mathematical knowledge and mathematical vocabulary every day!



Lots of families celebrate special days within the year. We will be learning about what happens on:

  • Chinese New Year
  • Valentine’s Day
  • Shrove Tuesday
  • Holi
  • Easter
  • Ramadan

Plus any others… if you and your family are celebrating something, please let us know through Dojo.