This page contains curriculum information for the coming term. Please support your child where you can. If you would like more information, please get in touch.

Many thanks,

Mrs Williams and Miss Holden

Key Dates for the diary

3W Class Assembly—Friday 3rd February

 3H Class Assembly—Friday 17th February




The pupils will receive every week:

  • A piece of reading homework
  • A spelling list
  • A piece of maths homework
  • A piece of talk homework

It is also important that you hear your child read on a regular basis, ideally this would be for a  minimum of 10 minutes a day. Please record when you have heard your child read in their reading  record book.

Reading book are changed on Fridays.

We would like the children to complete a homework project this half term based on our topic of Ancient Egypt The homework can be in any form that interests your child, for example it could be art work, a piece of writing or a PowerPoint.

We look forward to seeing what they produce.



Our key texts are going to be:

Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone


Each week the children complete a big book question, where we discuss our answers and use the text to support what we think.

We improve our reading fluency by having 1 minute to read as much as we can and we answer variety of question to improve our reading skills.


The writing genres we are going to study are:

  • Non-chronological Reports - Harry Potter (Hogwarts)
  • Narrative - The Flood (Disaster Story)

The children will write a non-chronological report about the subjects learnt at Hogwarts.

They will then re-write the disaster story 'The Flood', using the information that they learn in our Geography topic - 'Rivers'. 


Our Maths topics are going to :

  • Multiplication
  • Division

The White Rose website: 

There are lots of videos to support at home with strategies for multiplication and division.


Our Spring Science topics are:

- Healthy Bodies

- Light

This topic also links to our Edible Playgrounds and Design Technology where the pupils plan, create and eat their own healthy meal from produce that we have grown in school.


Art—Pharaoh Artwork

The children study Egyptian art and replicate the techniques. They focus their understanding on frontalism and use collaging to produce their own pharaoh art with a headdress. 

Music - Standalone Music

This term the pupils consolidate their understand of music and recognise the notes EGBDF and FACE on the musical stave. The pupils we also develop their use of musical vocabulary and use the terms duration, beat, tempo, pitch and texture. 



History - Battles, Beliefs and Buildings

The children will be progressing to the Egyptian era, looking at pyramids, gods and the Egyptian number system.

Spanish - Animals

The children will learn the read and recall the names of 10 animals in spanish.


Design Technology - Food

To link to our previous Science unit - Human Bodies- the pupil design, make and eat their own healthy meal using contents that they have grown in Edible Playgrounds. 


Geography - Rivers

In this topic the pupils focus on the natural feature - rivers. They will develop their knowledge of river features.

PE - Gymnastics

The pupils are learning gymnastics and how to plan, perform and repeat sequences. They will pracise moving in a clear, fluent and expressive manner and then refine these movements into sequence. 


Computing - Desktop Publishing

This unit is aimed at developing children’s graphic and presentation skills by introducing drawing as opposed to painting. It also goes on to
further children’s understanding of layouts using a desktop publishing application.


Planning, designing and making a garden in Edible Playgrounds for our a person with a visual impairment.


The children will regularly take part in orienteering lessons where they explore the school grounds to locate information or questions.