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Lyng Primary School

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Weekly Blog

Please regularly check our weekly blog for our Early Years updates.

W/B    12.10.20

Our story Ferdie/Fletcher and the Falling Leaves

This week we had a branch in our class and many leaves and objects that had fallen from trees. We were not sure what the objects were…. but we found out that they were conkers and acorns. Some of us pricked our finger on the conker’s ‘spiky’ shell.

We learned that some things in our world are beginning to change and look  different.  Outdoors feels colder; leaves on trees are changing colour and many have fallen off the tree.  

Our story was all about a little fox who was feeling worried about ‘his tree’ changing. The fox would visit his tree in the forest every day and noticed that the branches were becoming very bare… He even tried to stick the leaves back onto the branches but the wind made them twirl and swirl and fall to the ground.

In our creative area we made the most amazing pictures. Can you see what we used to make our pictures?


 In Phonics we learned some more letter sounds and we are trying really hard to read words that use these letters. We are getting really good at listening and when we sound talk words we can recognise and say the whole word!  

 In maths we are trying to count amounts to 6 quite speedily and have been learning to find one more than a number.

In our writing books we are using the tricky words to write simple sentences and captions. The tricky words we have learned so far are: it, is, can, see, I, am

W/B    5.10.20

Our story Tiger who came to Tea

This week our story was called, The Tiger Who Came to Tea. We enjoyed talking about all of the things that the tiger had ‘eaten’ and all of the things that he had ‘drank’. We talked about the tiger’s fur and the patterns we can see.  We learned to paint and create stripes and we can complete a 2 colour repeated pattern.  


We had so much fun creating tigers and we learned some very interesting facts!

In phonics, we learned some new letter sounds and we are also trying really hard to write the letters using the correct formation.


In maths, we have been singing a song called ‘In a row’ and we are learning to recognise and count amounts within 5 quickly. We recognised that dice and dominoes show amounts in special arrangements.

W/B     28.9.20

Our story was called The Strange Creature

Oh my, all of the animals in the jungle were trying to work out ‘who’ was in the basket. They couldn’t see a trunk, they couldn’t see a long neck, they couldn’t even see fur or webbed feet….. so who or what was it?

It was a baby of course!

This week was made exciting as we saw lots of wonderful baby photographs of our children in our classes.

In this story, we met different animals and talked about their features. We enjoyed learning about the elephant’s trunk and big ears and explored the frog’s webbed feet. Our artwork this week was all about elephants and we learned how to fold paper to make a ‘stretchy’ trunk!

In phonics, we learned some new letter sounds and used our whiteboards to practise writing them. 

In maths, we learned a new song called ‘I am the captain’ and used our fingers to show different amounts within 10.

W/B     21.9.20

Our story was called Giraffes Can’t Dance

Poor Gerald tried to dance at the African ball but the animals were very unkind and laughed! Gerald learned that he should not give up but that he should find music that he enjoyed dancing to. We talked about everyone in our class being different. Some children like to paint, some like to build towers and some like to do jigsaws. We made sure that everyone in our class knows our classroom rules and that we should ‘be kind’ to everyone even if they do things differently.

In our creative area we are learning to think about and choose colours that match the object we are trying to paint. We also have thick and thin paintbrushes that help us to paint careful details on our pictures.

In Phonics we learned that letters make sounds and we can hear the sounds in words.

We are trying hard to write our names using lower case letters.

We are exploring our new areas in reception class and learning that we can do anything  if we try…. Here we are developing our vocabulary and mathematical language in our building site role-play.



Every week we explore the outdoors. Sometimes we go into the forest to see what is happening in our world. Here we are collecting leaves. We are finding out that leaves can be different sizes and different shapes and that they can be different colours. 


Each week we do gardening and learn about how things grow. We really enjoy doing this….