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Lyng Primary School

Learning & Growing Together

The Hive


At Lyng Primary we pride ourselves on being an inclusive and welcoming school where children mix happily and all children are fully accepted into school life by staff and their peers. 

The Hive is a purpose built space that our children with individual support can access during the morning session.  During this morning session, children will have access to specialist equipment to meet their needs and have time to focus on important life skills, problem solving and communication as well as English and Maths skills.  At Lyng Primary we celebrate all children’s differences and abilities and we understand that all children have individual needs and talents.  The Hive gives us scope to develop a curriculum that is based around the 7 principles of the Rochford Review (2016) The curriculum will have deep roots in discovery, responsiveness, curiosity, anticipation, persistence, initiation and investigation.  The children will then access the foundation subjects in class in the afternoon with their peers to ensure inclusivity.

The Hive staff are all suitably trained and are passionate about supporting our children with SEN.  All staff have received training in Autism, Intensive Interaction, PECS and Social Stories.  The staff also have a deep knowledge of how visual resources such as visual timetables, now and next boards, choice boards and communication aids can have a positive effect on children with SEN.

The children all have an assigned key worker (1:1) but will work with a range of adults to ensure that the children experience relationships with different adults.


The Role of the SENCO

The SENCO for Lyng Primary is Laura Beresford.  It is the SENCO’s role to ensure that the provision we provide for our children with SEN is the very best.  It is the SENCO’s role to ensure that children with SEN are making progress in school and in The Hive and that they are meeting their individual targets set in their ECHP’s.  The SENCO will plan for the provision in The Hive to ensure the children have access to a broad, balanced and exciting curriculum which meets their individual needs.  It is also the SENCO’s role to monitor The Hives provision.  This will be done through observations, drop in session, data analysis and pupil conferencing.


The Hive Curriculum

The Chris Quigley Pebbles curriculum will be used to plan learning in The Hive and it will ensure that there is a consistent whole school scheme from The Hive into school.  ‘Pebbles’ are tiny steps before the milestones that are used in our main school.  We also ‘dip’ into the main Chris Quigley milestones for children who do not require the Pebbles curriculum.  We will also use the Towards Independency Hierarchy to ensure that the children’s self-help skills and independence are of top priority.  The children’s individual EHCP’s will also guide the provision where individual target work will take place to ensure that the children are achieving their full potential.     



All children in school are assessed using the Depth of Learning Tracker.  The children who are working below Milestone 1 (Year 1 and Year 2) will have the ‘Pebbles’ assessment enabled on the class tracker.  It is the teacher’s responsibility to complete the tracker for all children including the children who access The Hive.  Discussions will take place between the SENCO and the class teachers in order to ensure that assessments are accurate. 


How are the children included in school life?

The children who have access to The Hive every morning will be taught in our main school every afternoon to ensure that the children still have access to the foundation subjects.  The children’s learning will be differentiated and the children will all receive 1:1 support during the afternoon session.


The Role of the SEN Governor

The SEN Governor will form a link between the governing body and The Hive.  Working alongside the SENCO and all staff, the SEN Governor will offer support and challenge to ensure the needs of The Hive’s pupils remains an essential part of what the governing body wants within school.



During the afternoon session The Hive will be used for our Nurture group.  At Lyng Primary we understand that children’s learning should be understood developmentally and through this way of thinking we can support learning and progress.  The Hive will offer a safe base for the children to learn in a nurture rich environment that will develop the children’s awareness of themselves and others and develop their self-esteem.  At Lyng Primary we understand that all behaviour is communication and we support the children through challenging times with care and understanding.  In Nurture the children learn social rules and how to work as a team.


Comments by parents

“The Hive is outside the box thinking”.

“The Hive will put Lyng on the map”.