The Curriculum

Through our well-designed engaging curriculum, we aim to create curious, passionate, life-long leaners with future aspirations. By ensuring pupils enjoy enriching and creative opportunities, we equip our children with a range of knowledge and skills that will enable them to have deep subject expertise and go on to achieve later in life.

We value all of our subjects and equal footing is placed upon them. Children at Lyng love to learn and absorb knowledge, whether that’s developing their reading skills and getting lost in a great book, learning to play the ukulele, or broadening their horizons on an exciting residential way in Wales, which may involve canoeing or even navigating a gorge.

To foster a love of reading, our teachers carefully select rich, informative texts that link for our topics, allowing their children to become absorbed in their learning. Linked to this, we also have a ‘Lets Say’ culture, where children and teachers will together craft an imaginative story, which will bring both their imagination and important events to life in the classroom.